Financial Education

Nearly half of Americans do not have enough money to retire comfortably. Most cannot afford a financial emergency. dfree® is a CCCI brand that creates content, tools and strategies that promote financial freedom by focusing on financial behavior. The dfree® process motivates behavioral changes that result in debt free living, responsible bill paying and family budgeting. The significant outcomes include increased savings, increased assets and increased investing.

Community Impact

There are pockets of distressed neighborhoods in every state. CCCI specializes in community planning and community development to revitalize these neighborhoods. We design and execute market based strategies for struggling communities that produce revitalization while avoiding gentrification and dislocation.

Educational Solutions (OGE)

Many students are experiencing frustration and failure in school. Despite increases in spending, educational systems are having challenges managing the dynamics of community and systems cultures. CCCI creates evidence based solutions in the areas of Professional Development, Parent Engagement and School Climate that produce behavioral, academic and professional successes.

Executive Coaching

CCCI nurtures executives by supporting their professional growth and preparing them for the next level of achievement.


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