Operation Great Expectations

Operation Great Expectations (OGE) is an academic and behavioral intervention strategy specifically designed for vulnerable, high risk students and is consistent with Title IV 1. Section 4101 Student Support for Academic Enrichment of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). It is a restorative program that motivates and prepares students for academic and personal success, while building resiliency. OGE links students to a broad range of activities and resources that will enable them to meet the demands of postsecondary opportunities and the 21st century workforce.

The goals of OGE are:

  1. Increase their high school GPA and graduation rates;
  2. Improve participation in education, vocational, and employment-related activities for at-risk youth; and
  3. Increase their enrollment in postsecondary education & training.

OGE Summer Schedule

Week 1
July 5th – July 9th

  • Summer Introduction
    • Career Interest Project

Week 2
July 12th – July 16th

  • Conflict Resolution Shop

Week 3
July 19th – July 23rd

  • Communication Workshop Part I
    • Public Speaking
    • Professional Communication

Week 4
July 16th – July 30th

  • Financial Literacy Workshop

Week 5
Aug 2nd – Aug 6th

  • College/Trade Prep
    • SAT/PSAT
    • College Tours
    • Trade School Tours

Week 6
Aug 9th – Aug 13th

  • Communication Workshop Part II
    • Resume Building
    • Internship/Interviewing

Week 7
Aug 16th – Aug 20th

  • Summer Field Trip


We Are Hiring

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